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90+Cellars - MiJA SaNgRiA(White & Red), Moscato Di Asti AnD CoUrVoIsIeR

Mija Sangria (Red & White)

Mija Sangria is a fresh and natural bottled sangria made with 100% real fruit juice for a true homemade taste. Crafted without artificial additives or preservatives, it's packed with antioxidants from the juice of popular super fruits including pomegranate, açaí and blood orange. Not to mention, this flavor filled beverage is gluten free. Mija comes in a reusable flip-top bottle, making it the perfect on-the-go beverage.

90+ Moscato

90+ Moscato Di Asti- If you want to ease into weekend mode or add a little punch to your brunch, Moscato is the quintessential chill-out wine. Playfully effervescent with notes of sweet, juicy peach and fragrant honey, this is a crisp and balanced bottle that will woo everyone in your crew. When it’s time to unwind, there’s no sweeter sip than this Moscato.